Adult ADHD Skills Training Program

The Adult ADHD Skills Training Program is a six week program designed to foster skill development. The main purpose of the program is to help clients gain a better understanding of the effects of ADHD in their lives and develop personal strengths and coping strategies in order to better deal with it. The program will encourage you to identify negative beliefs and behaviors that are causing problems in your life. Since many individuals with ADHD are demoralized from years of struggle and unmet expectations, one of the main goals of the treatment is to transform this negative outlook into a more hopeful, realistic view. The Adult ADHD Skills Training Program also focuses on the practical issues that often come with ADHD, such as disorganization, work performance problems, and poor time management. Each session is usually just a copay, however you should contact your insurance company to determine your mental health benefits. Please address any further inquiries to Dr. Jeff Randall.